The Government has enacted the Pondicherry School Education Act, 1987 to provide for better organization and development of school Education in the Union Territory of Pondicherry. The Government has also made rules to carry out the provisions of the said Act, which is called the Pondicherrry School Education Rules, 1996.

As per the provisions of the said Act, no person shall, without the permission of the Director of School Education, establish any private school. There are 225 recognized private schools in the following categories.

  1. Pre-Primary Schools.
  2. Primary Schools.
  3. Middle Schools.
  4. High Schools.

The educational agency, Either a Registered Society or Trust which intends to Establish a private school shall make an application to the Director of School Education for permission to establish such school. The application shall be in the prescribed form i.e. Form I prescribed in the said Rules. Every such application shall be accompanied by a Challan or receipt for the remittance of a fee of Rs. 100/-

The application shall be submitted in triplicate through the Deputy Inspector Schools of the Zones in respect of the regions of Pondicherry and Karaikal . In respect of Mahe region, such application shall be submitted through the Chief Educational Officer concerned. The applications, in respect of Yanam region shall be submitted through the Delegate to Director of School Education.

The educational agencies seeking permission to establish new private school or recognition to the already existing one shall fulfill the conditions prescribed under Rule 25 of the Pondicherry School Education Rules, 1996. Further, The Facilities to be provided by the private School seeking Recognition are prescribed under Rule 26.

The recognised private schools are granted Grant-in-Aid according to the guidelines issued by the government subject to the fulfillment of the condition prescribed under Rule 33, 34 and 35 of the Pondicherry School Education Rules, 1996.

The Director of School Education may withdraw permanently or for any specified period the recognition of any private school, which does not comply with any of the provisions of this Act or any rules made or directions issued there under.


It contains the following provisions:

Chapter I
  1. Definitions.
Chapter II
  1. Permission for Establishment of New Private Schools.
  2. Approval for the transfer of management of Private schools.
  3. Rights of minorities to establishment a school.
  4. Scheme of management of Private Schools.
Chapter III
  1. Recognition of Private Schools.
  2. Withdrawal of Recognition and its effects.
Chapter IV
  1. Property of Private Schools.
Chapter V
  1. Qualifications of Teachers.
  2. Service Conditions of Private School Teachers.
  3. Code of Conduct for Private School Teachers.
  4. Suspension of Teaching And Non-Teaching staff employed in Private Schools.
  5. Appeal against orders of punishment imposed on teachers.
  6. Special provisions regarding disciplinary cases.
  7. Pay and Allowances of the Teachers and Other Persons employed in Private Schools.
Chapter VI
  1. Admission of Students to Private Schools.
  2. Fees and Other charges levied by aided Schools.
  3. School Fund.
  4. Affiliation of Schools to Boards.
Chapter VII
  1. Taking over the management of Schools.
  2. Exceptions to minority Schools.
Chapter VIII
  1. Maintenance of Accounts of recognized Schools.
  2. Audit and Inspection of recognized Schools.
  3. Inquiry in respect of recognized Schools.
  4. Furnishing of Returns by Educational Agency.
Chapter IX
  1. General Provisions regarding appeal and Revision.
  2. Powers of Appellate Authority.
Chapter X
  1. Penalties and procedures.
  2. Offences by Companies.
  3. Cognizance of Offences.
Chapter XI
  1. Pondicherry School Education Advisory Board.
  2. Delegation of Powers of Government.
  3. Power to make rules.
  4. Power to remove difficulties.


Chapter I
  1. Definitions.
Chapter II
  1. Zones.
  2. Classification of Schools.
  3. Medium of Instruction.
  4. Courses of Study
  5. Matters to be provided in the syllabus
  6. School Hours
  7. Vacation and Holidays
  8. Looking after health of the Students.
  9. Application for Permission
  10. Transfer of management of Private School
  11. Closure of Schools.
  12. Scheme of Management.
Chapter III
  1. Recognition of Private Schools.
  2. Conditions to be fulfilled by Private Schools.
  3. Facilities to be provided by the Private Schools.
  4. Creation of Endowment and Reserve fund.
  5. Grant-in-aid to recognized private schools.
  6. Conditions for Granting Government aid.
  7. Stoppage of Grant.
Chapter IV
  1. School Property.
  2. Permission for transfer, mortgage or lease of properties.
Chapter V
  1. Recruitment of Teachers in Private Schools.
  2. Terms and Service Conditions of Teachers and Other persons employed in Private Schools.
  3. Disciplinary Authority.
  4. Reinstatement of an employee.
  5. Pensionary Benefits of Teachers and other Persons employed in private schools
Chapter VI
  1. Admission of Students to recognized Schools.
  2. Fees and other charges to be collected by an Aided School.
  3. Collection of donation.
  4. Maintenance of Accounts by Schools.
Chapter VII
  1. Taking over the management of any recognized school by the Government.
Chapter VIII
  1. Withdrawals from School Fund.
  2. Maintenance of School Fund.
  3. Utilization of Fees.
  4. Inspection of Schools.
Chapter IX
  1. Fees for Appeal to the Tribunal
  2. Term of Office of the Members of the Advisory Board.
  3. Allowances payable to the members of the Advisory Board.
Appendix – I List of Approved items of Expenditure.
Appendix – II Code of Conduct
Table – 1A Schedule for minimum space requirements for different types of schools.
Table – 1B Schedule for space requirements for different types of schools
Table – 2 Minimum Sanitary Facilities for Pupils
Form – I Application for Permission.
Form - II Statement to be submitted by Private Schools existing at the Commencement of the Pondicherry School Edn. Act, 1987.
Form - III Application for change in the Constitution of Educational Agency.
Form - IV Application for approval for the Transfer of Management
Form - V Application for approval after effecting the Transfer of Management
Form – VI Statement to be submitted by the existing minority Schools before Commencement of the Educational Act.
Form – VII Statement to be submitted by Pondicherry minority Schools established after Commencement of the Pondicherry School Educational Act 1987.
Form – VIII Application for Recognition.
Form – IX Certificate of Recognition of a Private School
Form – X Application for receiving Grant-in-Aid.
Form – XI Statement of School Properties – Movable and Immovable.
Form - XII Application for Permission to Transfer, Mortgage or lease of Properties.
Form - XIII Financial Statement for the Year.
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